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Mind Body Health Club  

The Mind Body Health Club [MBHC] is a membersí only health club deliberated to offer health and fitness to Marble Hotel in-house guests and Marbles members with privacy in mind.

MBHC is by appointments only, please call to check for available slots and make a booking to suit you.   The MBHC is geared towards fitness and health of both body and mind.

The Club membership offers include warming up equipment and body pumping weights. Sauna, shower and changing room is offered for the patrons to cool down, relax and depart fresh.  

Programmes conducted at the club include yoga classes, an Indian originated form of medication, which enhances oneself towards a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Martial arts classes are focussed to attain personal fitness through self defence techniques using all parts of the body. Private aerobics sessions are arranged at MBHC.

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Mind Body Health Club,
2nd Floor, Marble Hotel,
Kanba aisa rani higun, Maafannu
Male' 20335, Maldives
Tel: +960 3302678
Fax: +960 3326237

email: mail to MBHC


MBHC rates